This is Anthony. We just took his braces off and he can’t stop smiling! The changes are incredible!

braces treatment in Williamsburg, VAbraces treatment in Williamsburg, VA
Smile transformations in Williamsburg, VASmile transformations in Williamsburg, VA

This is Dylan. We are all so thrilled about the way his teeth look. His braces got the teeth straight, but a little reshaping of the teeth (not the front two, but the next two) make a big difference!

This is Riley and she is in love with her new smile. After we took her braces off, she kept looking in the mirror with amazement and pride. Riley, you look great and we are so happy for you!

Smile Transformation Williamsburg, VASmile Transformation Williamsburg, VA
Smile transformatins in Williamsburg VASmile transformatins in Williamsburg VA

This is Emma. She was very self-conscious about her front teeth, both the spaces and the protrusion of the teeth. Now, we are all loving how she is smiling with such confidence.

What a change in her smile and look at her showing it off! Chris, we love your smile and can’t wait to see the great things you are going to do!

before JFO orthodontic treatmentafter JFO orthodontic treatment
early interceptive treatment Williamsburg VAearly interceptive treatment Williamsburg VA

Why should your child be seen for an orthodontic evaluation at age 7-8? Because, at that age, orthodontists can affect jaw growth. This is Aidan. He is 8 years old. He came to us with an underbite and this is the progress we’ve made in 6 months! I’m most excited about the changes to his lips and face. Aidan’s case also demonstrates another reason to see the orthodontist: His bite was causing extreme trauma to his lower front teeth and causing them to break. Now that his bite has been corrected, his bite won’t cause trauma to the front teeth anymore!

This is Abby. She is 10 years old and not ready for full braces because she still has lots of baby teeth; however, when we saw Abby, two of her upper front teeth were behind the lower front teeth. We call this situation an anterior crossbite and anterior crossbites can affect the growth of the jaws, so it is something we want to fix ASAP. Abby had braces on 6 teeth for 1 year and the change is AMAZING!

Phase 1 orthodontic treatment in Williamsburg VAPhase 1 orthodontic treatment in Williamsburg VA
Wiliamsburg InvisalignInvisalign in Williamsburg

Andrea just finished Invisalign treatment at Joosse Family Orthodontics. Her case demonstrates excellent orthodontics as well as the effects of reshaping teeth.  f you look at the edges of the two front teeth, you’ll notice that we reshaped them to her liking. My favorite part of Andrea’s new smile, however, is how her teeth are perfectly framed by her lower lip (the curvature of the upper front teeth matches the lower lip)! Your smile is AWESOME, Andrea!

This is Raina. I LOVED watching her smile transform over the course of her orthodontic treatment. What a beautiful smile!


This is Harmoni. Harmoni was about 1.5 years into her orthodontic treatment when Dr. Joosse asked Harmoni how she was feeling about her teeth. Dr. Joosse wasn’t happy with the amount of protrusion (front teeth sticking out) that was happening and he was relieved to hear that Harmoni wasn’t loving her smile either. After a conversation with her parents, Dr. Joosse recommended removal of four permanent teeth followed and space closure where the teeth were taken out. The result is simply beautiful. You’d never know that Harmoni is missing some permanent teeth and her smile is gorgeous!

This is one of my favorite smile transformation of the summer. This is Anastasia and I love her new smile. It is so much fun for me to watch her smile confidently and it confirms that I (Dr. Joosse) have the greatest job on Earth!


It is a relatively common problem to be missing some adult teeth. In these cases, Dr. Joosse works with families and their general dentists to decide to replace the missing teeth or close spaces as if no teeth are missing. For cases planned for replacement of missing teeth, Dr. Joosse will set up the general dentist for successful restoration of the missing teeth.

In this case, the lateral incisors are missing.  The first step was to recreate the spaces for the teeth that are missing.  While in braces, fake teeth are added to the wire for temporary esthetics.  Then, after braces come off, the general dentist adds fake teeth to replace the missing ones. Credit to Dr. Stacey Hall for the final restorations.

This is Pam. Pam was treated in 18 months with Invisalign and the changes are amazing. The best part is that we finished just in time for her to be done with treatment for her son’s wedding this spring!

Invisalign Orthodontist in Williamsburg VAInvisalign Orthodontist in Williamsburg VA
Noelle beforeNoelle After

We had a lot of fun with Noelle. She always brought laughter to the office and brightened our days. Check out her beautiful, straight teeth  It’s not just about straight teeth, however. Notice, when she started how you can’t see any of her lower front teeth  The upper front teeth completely overlapped (in a vertical way) the lower teeth. This “deep bite” can cause excessive wear of the teeth and lead to worn down, damaged front teeth later in life. Not only does Noelle now have a beautiful smile; she has a healthy bite to last her a lifetime!

This is Mattie.  Her mom said today, “When we started, I didn’t think she needed braces.  Now, I can’t image NOT doing it!  Thank you!”

mattie beforemattie after
before treatmentafter orthodontic treatment joosse family orthodontics

There are some smiles that just light up a room and this is one of them. This is Brooke and we LOVE her new smile!

Tyler is one of those kids that I’m sad to finish treatment on because it means I won’t get to see him as much. He’s a great kid and now he’s got an amazing smile and healthy bite to match his amazing personality. His treatment took 15 months and the movement was done with Invisalign.

before treatmentafter treatment joosse family orthodontics
Cassidy Before Williamsburg, VACassidy After Williamsburg Orthodontist

This is Cassidy and her smile transformation is incredible!

This is Kristina. She didn’t like her smile before. She LOVES her smile now! Notice the recession on the front tooth. The recession got BETTER with treatment. There still is recession present, but this can be addressed by a periodontist (gum specialist). In Kristina’s case, the recession does not show when she smiles, so we opted not to refer to the periodontist.

Kristina Before Williamsburg OrthodontistKristina After Joosse Family Orthodontics Williamsburg VA
Jessica Before enamalplastyJessica After enamelplasty

Towards the end of orthodontic treatment, when we are pretty sure the teeth are in good positions, we’ll look for opportunities to make the teeth a little more symmetric and pretty. Here is an example of “enamelplasty.”  This is Jessica. Notice the uneven edges of her upper front teeth. With a minor amount of smoothing, look at the difference in how they look!

This is Dylan.  Everyone is happy when they are done with orthodontic treatment,but Dylan was one of the most enthusiastic patients in a while.  I’m thrilled with the change in both Dylan’s smile and his bite.  No more underbite!  The upper and lower middle front teeth line up now!  And he’s showing this big JFO smile off every day!

Dylan BeforeDylan After
Madelyn BeforeMadelyn After

This is Madelyn.  Her smile looks amazing, but the most remarkable aspect of her treatment was how we made her big overbite disappear!

This is Yvette, she is a mom who never had orthodontic treatment as a kid. She was looking for a new smile and we delivered!

Yvette beforeYvette after
Sidney BeforeSidney After

This is Sidney.  What I’m most proud of with Sidney’s treatment is how it was completed with braces in 13 months.  One of Sidney’s best friends got braces about a year before Sidney (with another orthodontist) and we were racing to try to get Sidney out of braces first.  Unfortunately, her friend got her braces off 1 week earlier than Sidney, but 13 months of treatment is awesome!  If you look at the edges of some of the front teeth, you can see that, in addition to putting the teeth in good positions, we also did some mild enamelplasty, or reshaping, of the edges so that the teeth can be symmetric.

This is Ben.  What a change!  I can take credit for the change in the two front teeth–they look so much different and better just by making them straight!  But, look at the next two teeth, how they were made bigger and nicer by his general dentist.  Credit to Dr Oglesby for the “buildups” on the lateral incisors!  At JFO, sometimes we’ll recommend making small teeth a little bigger.  Doing this can improve the esthetic result,but it can also improve the bite (for reasons that are complicated to explain).  It is my job as the orthodontist to set your dentist up for a successful restoration, and Ben’s teeth demonstrates that coordination well!

Ben BeforeBen After
Madie Before treatmentMadie after treatment

I’d like to point out one unique part of Madie’s treatment. At the start, her front two teeth touch, but, between where they touch and her gums, there is some space. We call this space a “black triangle” because it usually is in the shape of a triangle and you are seeing the darkness of the inside of her mouth. During treatment, we did a mild reshaping of Madie’s front teeth so that now, when they are together, she does not have that dark space between where the teeth contact and the gums. It is a much more esthetic look and Madie loves the change!

Lacey’s treatment was completed in 17 months and I used Invisalign. She started with a severe overbite and, with correction of the overbite came a very nice change in the profile of her face. She now has a stunning smile!

Lacey front before

Lacey profile before

Lacey front after

Lacey profile after





This is a a stunning change that occurred in 14 months from start to finish with braces.  There are two things that I think make this a really great result:
1) How the upper teeth follow the lower lip much more than they did at the start.
2) The effect of the enameloplasty that was done towards the end of treatment.
Enameloplasty is a slight reshaping or manicuring of the teeth to take out rough edges or corners so that the teeth look for smooth, symmetric, and esthetic.  A minor amount of reshaping can make a huge difference.

What is really unique about Spencer’s treatment was that we opted to remove four adult teeth as part of his treatment.  Two teeth were extracted in the upper arch and two in the lower arch.  This was done because his teeth were extremely crowded.  The idea of extraction of permanent teeth turns off some patients (and their parents), but in cases like Spencer’s, extraction leads to the best results.  Looking at Spencer’s smile now, he and his family have absolutely no regrets about the decision to extract teeth!

Joosse Family Orthodontics Before PictureJoosse Family Orthodontics After Picture
Joosse Family Orthodontics Before PictureJoosse Family Orthodontics After Picture

What made Connor’s treatment unique is that he was missing (from birth) two adult teeth in his lower jaw.  Orthodontics, timed appropriately with his growth, allowed us to close the spaces where he would be missing teeth preventing costly dental implants in the future!

Briana started Phase 1 (early treatment) with us because her front teeth had spaced out so much that they were not allowing other adult teeth to come in properly.  8 months later, we’ve created space for the adult teeth to come in and she is loving the look of her front teeth!  At this point, we’ll wait for all the adult teeth to come in and reassess the need for full braces in the future.

Briana BeforeBriana After
Beth BeforeBeth After

When creating smiles one thing I consider is “smile arc.”  Smile arc is how the upper front teeth follow the lower lip when smiling. You can see that the edges of Beth’s upper front teeth started out forming a rainbow shape, but after orthodontics, they follow the curvature of the lower lip (not shown).  This took less than one year, was treated with Invisalign, and she LOVES her new smile!

This amazing change occurred in 15 months and was done with Invisalign.  She started with an underbite and finished with teeth in perfect position.  Look at the lips.  Sometimes, orthodontics can have dramatic impacts on facial shape.  The best part:  we finished just in time for Aubree to take her new smile to college!

Aubree Before

Aubree Profile Before

Aubree After

Aubree After

1.  Harper started with her back teeth almost a whole tooth out of place.  The red lines should match up.  Notice how the upper tooth was a whole tooth forward of where it belongs.  Although you don’t see a big overbite at the start, it is there, hidden by the positions of the front teeth.  Notice, at the finish how the red lines match up.  The posterior teeth are now in their correct positions.

2.  Harper started with what we call a “deep bite.”  That means that she has excessive vertical overlap of her upper front teeth with her lower front teeth.  Note how much of her lower teeth are visible under the black line at the start and at the finish.  By correcting her deep bite, we will have hopefully prevented unnecessary wear of her front teeth later in life.

3.  Harper started with a “deep curve of spee,” which means that the lower teeth form a ramp or curvature noted by the blue line.  One of our treatment objectives in creating a healthy long term bite is reducing that ramp to more of a flat line.  That was accomplished very well in this case.


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